Shenzhen Cereals Group CO.,LTD

      Shenzhen Cereals Group Co.,Ltd. is a State-owned large scale grain enterprise. We are commissioned by the government to undertake local grain reserves, and also responsible for Hong Kong and Shenzhen military ration supply. SZCG has successfully created the “doximi”, “guzhixiang”, “junzilian” and “hongli” brands ,and has been awarded the title of “Assured Grain” by Shenzhen government. SZCG trades more than 1,300,000 tons of grains annually, accounting for about 33% of the local market share.

      SZCG sticks to providing customers with the widest range of high-quality products and is constantly looking for new ways to offer better choices. That is why we spend years to develop a new grain industrial chain. As the largest comprehensive trader combining grain purchase, sales, and international trade in Shenzhen, SZCG has over 65 year’s experience in grain trade and has built a professional team with deep understanding of the local market. 

Embracing New Environment, SZCG Sticks to New Development Strategies

        During the recent years, SZCG has undertaken a series of thorough transformation by means of information technology, to innovate business model, establish new brand image, integrate resources, and build the most distinctive modern grain logistics nodes in southern China. SZCG strives to promote its cooperation with global partners in the course of development, and will provide real and long-standing value for our customers, employees, shareholders and cooperative partners.  

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